Visual Aids for Sale

     We have a small show case of items for the Blind and Visually Impaired

     It includes, but not limited to:

  •      Talking Watches
  •      Talking Clocks
  •      Braille Paper, Slate & Stylus
  •      Raised line paper
  •      20/20 pens (felt markers)
  •     Check guides and signature guides
  •     Large Print Calendars

    Can't find what you need?  We have a couple catalogs that you can order from. 

    Now accepting MasterCard & Visa (3% service fee applies)



AND, through the generosity of others, we also have available a free loan program of CCTV's (closed circuit televisions)  A CCTV is a magnification system, a self contained unit which allows the user to magnify the item they are wishing to read onto a television or monitor to the size they need to be able to read it comfortably.  The CCTV's we have available, have been donated to the Philomatheon Society and we loan them out to individuals in need.  This is first come, first serve basis.


We have a surplus of CCTV's and are willing to sell one if anyone is interested.  Give us a call, or stop in.