Talking Book Items


The Philomatheon Society of the Blind is the sub-lending agency for the Talking Book Program which serves three counties and over 1,500 patrons.                

The Talking Book Program is a government program that is ran by The National Library Service (NLS), part of the Library of Congress (LOC), which produces recorded books and magazines, braille books, and all the equipment needed for listening.

People with visual or physical handicaps can still enjoy reading through The Talking Book Program.  Talking books are available on loan to eligible readers across the country. The Philomatheon Society serves the counties of *Stark, Tuscarawas,* Harrison, Holmes and Carroll counties.

*The Stark County Library and Tuscarawas County Library are now the sub-lending agencies for the program in their counties, BUT, The Philomatheon Society is still available to serve ALL with their talking book needs, no matter where you are from*.

Talking Books and magazines are narrated by professionals and produced on digital cartridges.  Our society loans the digital  player to the eligible patron and the books come from The Ohio Library for the Blind & Physically Disabled(OLBPD) at The Cleveland Public Library.

The talking-book program serves readers of all ages. Older adults are a big part of that group. Of the 30 million Americans over sixty-five, many are temporarily or permanently unable to read standard print due to visual loss.

What kinds of books can I get?
More than 67,000 biographies, bestsellers classics , mysteries, romances , westerns, poetry books, histories, children’s and how-to books are available. Music materials, bibliographies, catalogs, and some foreign-language titles are also circulated to eligible readers. Titles on health and fitness for seniors as well as books on retirement activities and the rights of older adults may also be borrowed.  You are also eligible to loan Described Movies from OLBPD. (Described movies have a narrator who will describe the scenes to you. Many newer movies have this feature available, check your language settings on your DVD player to see if the movie has the "Described Video" selection.)

How do I get them?
Your books will come directly from The Ohio Library for the Blind and Physically Disabled at the Cleveland Public Library on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. You can participate directly from your home by postage-free mail. Books and equipment are all loaned free, and you will also receive a free bimonthly catalog of new titles. You can choose your own books or let the library pick for you.

How do I apply?  Call our office at (330)-453-9157 for more information or an application

State Library of Ohio (Columbus) 614-644-6895 or 800-686-1531

Ohio Library for the Blind & Physically Disabled (Cleveland) 216-623-2911 or 800-362-1261


BARD is a free service, once a patron, you can sign up for BARD and download your own books and/or magazines on a digital cartridge for flash drive to use in your book player.  Contact the OLBPD to sign up for a BARD Account.

The Society or OLBPD can assist you in downloading books.  The Philomatheon Society has blank cartridges and mailers for $12.00, they are  4GB and can hold many books. 

You can also get BARD MOBILE on your Apple or Android device.  This makes taking your book on the go, very easy and accessible.